to the people in that▓ ar

ere also lef


d him. He said those bicycles have been important for the people there wit▓h the high price of the fuel during the rebels' time."Most people have opted to ride bicycles and it has become the main tran▓sportation here in Douma because th

t on the s

idewalks in


e fuel was expensive but of course, we favor cars or motorcycles or buses," he said.Another biker Omar al-Ruz said even though the bikes were an acceptable alternative during the war, but the▓y were not enough especially for work

some of

the streets


ers who move heavy stuff from one place to another."The bicycle wasn▓'t enough of a transportation to me▓et our demands ... for example, I can't transport goods of 100 kg on this bicycle, maybe 50 kg max," he said.For his part, Ba

there, ref

lecting the


shar Ajweh, another ▓resident of Douma, said that several places for fixing bicycles were opened in Douma dur▓ing the war, adding that maintenance workers used to charge very high fees for fixing the bicycles, whose pric▓es have ju

damage t

hat has befa


mped 10 folds during the war.H▓e said that he used to buy fuel in plastic cans for his motorcycle but when it got so expensive, he parked it and started using both the electric bicyc▓le and the regular one."Bicycles have not only b?/p> llen large

areas there


坋come the main transportation for regular people but also for workers who move stuff from▓ one place to another but of course lite stuff only," the man said.For the people in Douma, the t▓ransportation at this moment is import▓ant

as a resu

lt of th▓e


but the more important thing is food, which has started entering Douma at prices supported by the government, contrary to the rebel times when the militants used to stockpile food in their warehouses whil▓e giving so little to the

war that h

as dragged o


people at high prices.During a visit for Xinhua and other media outlets to Doum▓a on Sunday, people were lined up to re▓ceive free bread bundles provided by the govern▓ment.Also trucks of foods, like potato, tomato and cucumber, w

n for six

years in E


ere seen selling food items for the civilians at low prices▓.People were seen carrying heavy bags of potato whil▓e expressing relief that they could finally buy food at low prices, as everything was extremely expensive during the re

astern Gho

uta.Old and


bels' control in Douma also due to the siege that was imposed on tha▓t area and other rebel-held areas in Eastern Ghouta.Since fully capturing it from the rebels early April, the government made several moves to alleviate the suffe

young men,

as well as


ring of the people who have been largely affected by the war there.A mobile oven has been sent t▓o Douma with a daily production capacit▓y of five tons of bread to meet the demands of▓ the people there.On Saturday, a government-backed


, were ridin


shopping festival kicked off in Douma with the participation of more than 40 companies.The aim of the shopping festival is to offer a variety of foodstuff and other products for the people there at low prices, as part of the eff

g bicycles

and the peo

orts to revive Douma and other recently-taken areas in Eastern Ghouta.Please scan the ▓QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatBe fresh in spring: From ▓inside out with mintBe fresh in spring: From insid▓e out with mintBe fresh in spring: Fr▓om inside out with mint03-09-2018 15:01 B▓JTSpeaki

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